Overcoming Network Marketing Imposter Syndrome

When I began my network marketing career, I had never been in the profession before, so it, along with direct sales, was totally new to me. I knew I could do it, but had reservations because I had been at home with our children for 13 years.  The only "profession" anywhere close to that direction that I had pursued was a crafter's boutique we held in our home 3x's a year. I had also taught and created a curriculum for the city's adult education department and PTO President. Beyond that...I felt flat.

I don't know about you, but this journey felt a bit daunting. Would people believe me? Would they listen to my story? Would they think I needed money and that's the only reason I wanted to teach them about using essential oils?

Do you have similar emotions?

"I know I can" became a new space for me.

This affirmation became important to me simply because I knew in my mind that I could and would. I put forth this mantra the first day that we would be at the top rank and it would not take us very long.

What has been fun is learning my top 5 strengths! This has given me permission to stand in my strength! Funny enough, when I have stood in my top 5, I have had huge success. When I have not lived in my top 5, nothing works. Truly... I have seen it over and over again!

I know I can when I listen and respond to my strengths.

Well, that was pre-cancer, pre-upset and pre-moving across North America! Truly, all of those experiences reminded me that I held a space for reaching our goals that never died, despite what went on in our personal lives, it would not affect the progress our family had (and still has). We simply got creative and persevered because we knew we could.

The same is for you. If you know, you will.

It's much different than "wanting". Knowing is connected to doing and being consistent.

Support the people who say "yes".

Be consistent and learn to trust in the process. Trusting the process is how you will get the understanding of "knowing".

You will achieve what you set out to create.

After that, learn your top 5 strengths and use them in your life - play to your strengths! You will notice a difference in your life and in your business or career.

I know you can. Now, you say it!


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