Unlock Life's Direction With Inspiration Inducing Essential Oils

Let life show you where you should be heading through intention and direction.

In 2018, life showed my gifts to be clarity, vision, truth, and grace. All I had to do was ask and then allow them to unfold in my life. I saw these gifts come to light through my routines, which are vital for me to function.

I have found that I am more productive when I start the day the same way, with intention and direction, followed by a glass of warm water and an oil routine to get myself moving.


Wanna create the life that you love? Be thankful. What three things are you most grateful for today? 
Tracking my gratitude every day led to an entire shift in my thinking this past year, it helped me open up to new experiences and love what I have experienced.


Seek direction by being still and putting out into the world what you desire. Whether you write, make a voice note, vlog - whatever the case may be--create in your mind what you want to have happen, and life will show you the signs. It’s pretty amazing to see it come to life.

Be open to receiving inspiration, acting on promptings, accepting help, and acknowledging shortcomings. Be open to direction.

Unlock Life's Direction

You can set intention and receive direction on your own, but I like to use essential oils to help unlock my mind and unwind my body. Shocking to hear, I know! My favorite oils for this are:
  • Arborvitae- Oil Of Grace
  • Clary Sage- Oil Of Clarity & Vision
  • Frankincense- Oil Of Truth
Use them in your daily practice by applying them to the bottom of your feet, back of the neck, over your heart, and/or on your chakras for balance.

You can also diffuse them together: 2 drops Arborvitae, 5 drops Clary Sage, 2-3 drops Frankincense

2019 is a year of soul expansion for me. To expand my soul I need to continue to begin each day with a routine, achieving goals through that routine, being grateful for all of it, and allowing life to show me the signs.

Much love from our white winter paradise to yours ⠀

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