New Look - Elevated Support!

Merging two brands, Oils2Go and Sharon McDonald.Love is the first step in many for Sharon McDonald to more authentically mentor and coach female entrepreneurs she's been continually connecting with since 2010.

STOWE, Vermont., Feb 24, 2022 -- Sharon McDonald.Love, a female life and entrepreneur coaching business, is welcoming spring by introducing a merging of Sharon McDonald.Love and Oils2Go - two brands owned by Sharon McDonald - to reflect a renewed focus on embracing personal strengths and inspiration, creating a home-life and business you're passionate about.

“I noticed I wasn't following my own advice when I reviewed how I was mentoring and inspiring women over the past 10 years," said Sharon McDonald. "I wasn't embracing my personal call to action in life. I was not helping the women I was serving to connect their mission and wellness within their homes, communities and careers, so that their message is clear. This is the secret sauce of successful women."

Oils2Go, now Sharon McDonald.Love, was created to inspire and empower more women to take control of their personal lives, health, and careers. This brand merge allows McDonald to become that living example of putting aside how you “should” do things and instead connect health, inspiration and a sense of self purpose. This realignment results in consistent messaging across all quadrants of McDonald's life and the lives of her clients.

“I looked at what Oils2Go and Sharon McDonald.Love were truly offering to women separately and it was confusing. I was not showcasing a clear call to action. The soul sisters who sought to work with me were not getting the direction they needed to live the life they uniquely live. When I can help them embrace that, they live in a redeeming way that spills over from their homes into the communities they live and work in, rippling their way across the nations and around the world.”

The brand merge includes a top-to-bottom refresh of Sharon McDonald's coaching and wellness company name, logo, graphics, communication, and upcoming website.

The new brand name reflects McDonald's sole focus on love, how it drives everything in life, from family to business, creating a cohesive business identity from Instagram to love-tribe emails. The new brand styling represents McDonald's embracing expression of individual style, instead of jumping on the current 'accepted' bandwagon. From the throwback hippy appeal of the groovy peace sign, to the clashing psychedelic color scheme, and retro typewriter font - it all derives from McDonald's inner love and outer expression of life.

Along with the new rebrand, Sharon McDonald.Love is releasing a distinctive new coaching program, for women to receive the entrepreneurial support they need as they overcome self doubt in rapidly evolving markets.

For more information and more images, please email the Sharon Mcdonald.Love team here.