Aromatouch Technique - Keswick, VA

Bring overall wellness to your community and home with the AromaTouch Technique - Register today for Sharon McDonald's class on March 9th!

You're invited to learn how to provide a clinical approach to your daily practice through an essential oil application called AromaTouch.  As a trainer over the past six years, Sharon McDonald has helped thousands of people become certified in this technique, to become healers in their own homes as they discover their inner voice and healer’s touch. She has been using essential oils for 19 years in various forms and settled on dōTERRA essential oils because of their sustainable sourcing methods. 
The AromaTouch Technique applies these essential oils on the back and feet to create a feeling of overall wellness. As part of your certification training, you will receive a special kit containing all 8 oils used in this technique, a training manual, and will participate in its hands-on application.

Register today for just $149 (sorry, no refunds) and be able to aid those around you for a lifetime! 

Re-certification registration $50 - If you need a refresher and already been certified you can take this class.  You will need to bring your own oils, FCO and no training booklet will be provided - find that option here.