Wisdom + Support of Douglas Fir

The plants surrounding us are full of wisdom and support.  Their power can touch us if only we will let it. Connect to that power with Douglas fir essential oil.

I grew up in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest and was surrounded by Douglas fir trees, these trees are full of wisdom and the whole land is divine. This particular tree is native to the Pacific Northwest as well as eastern Asia and is vital for boats, aircraft, and construction that need a strong wood.

Deforestation stripped the pacific Northwest of its original charm, but Douglas fir is the main species of tree that's helped bring the spirit of the land back. This is the same spirit and peace I find here in Vermont (even if we don't have naturally occurring Douglas fir trees surrounding us!).

What Does Douglas Fir Essential Oil Do For You

Emotional Benefits

Douglas fir essential oil is full of wisdom. It can increase the bond within one’s family and encourages healthy family dynamics, where people and meaningful relationships are valued over blind loyalty to traditions.

Douglas fir teaches individuals to learn from and value others' experiences, especially our ancestors. It encourages respect for one’s heritage, along with reminding us that value and wisdom are obtained by learning from the past, especially from individuals who are older, wiser and more experienced.

It has many similarities to white fir because they both help with breaking destructive traditions passed down through generations and ancestry.
Embrace the wisdom of this essential oil by applying it diluted to the spine each morning and night for 6 months. During this time, set your intention to forgive the past, release loss, anger, or addictions that may plague your family tree. To deepen the experience, apply doTERRA's Forgive Touch over the heart to help let go of family trauma.

You can find both these oils by clicking here.

Physical Benefits

  • Douglas fir is a strong plant, it shares that strength not only in its emotional benefits but physically as well. It can support your body through:
  • Joints and muscles. Apply diluted to areas of concern. Dilute 1 drop of oil with organic lotion or carrier oil.
  • Respiratory irritation by applying to the ball of the foot undiluted, or diluted on the chest and neck for best results.
  • Damaged skin. I make a spray using a 1oz spray bottle, a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil, 4 drops of Douglas fir, 3 drops of copaiba, and fill the rest of the bottle with water. Spray onto cuts and wounds as needed.
  • Anxious feelings. Take the same spray as above and spray on clothes, sheets, or pillows. Additionally, you can diffuse it by doubling the recipe (and just using water) in your favorite diffuser.
No matter where you need strength and greater wisdom in your life, Douglas fir essential oil can help support you. Especially during the holidays, we can experience greater trauma in our family history and traditions. Counteract it with my Douglas fir diffuser recipe!


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