3 Simple Ways To Use Essential Oils With Your Family

There are so many essential oils and ways to use them, it can often be confusing, so let's break this down into 3 simple ways to use essential oils!

Essential oils are the first line of defense in our home. We clean with them, we cook with them, we help our body heal using them. Because they are so versatile and can be much more gentle and less invasive than harsh chemicals that are often used around children, we use them for everyone in our family!

I sat down with a cute little helper a while back and we talked about 3 super cool things about essential oils, and how you can simply use them in your home and with your family.

1. Help Calm High Temperature with Peppermint

When my babies have increased body temperature, I rub peppermint on their backs, topped with Deep Blue Rub and it helps that temperature go down very quickly (along with lots of cuddles with their momma)!

2. Use Basil and Purify For Ear Infections

Thankfully, we don't normally have ear infections, but I have a trick for helping soothe ear discomfort in my back pocket. I place a drop of basil right behind the ear, on the bone and rub it in. I follow that with a couple of drops of Purify on a cotton ball or rubbed around the ear to help overcome the source causing a painful ear for kiddos.

3. Hand Diffuse Wild Orange To Purify And Energize

I know what you're thinking, why on earth would I want to energize my children with wild orange essential oil?! Cranky kids need a little mood booster and that's one reason my kids love it! Even better, when they hand diffuse, they can kick some of those agents of sickness kids pick up everywhere to the curb by supporting a healthy immune system.

Have you used essential oils in your home? It's so easy to get started, especially when you have my favorites on hand! Get started with my most recommended essential oils and receive them at a 25% discount by starting with the Family Essentials Kit - I know you'll love them!


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