How to Turn Setbacks Into Massive Success

This article was originally posted on Savvy Network Marketing Women.

It’s not the specific challenges that surface in your life…but how you  DEAL with these challenges that determines your destiny.
I LOVE that saying, and when it comes to building a  business, nothing could be truer.

When you choose to be an entrepreneur, you are on a path RIPE with challenge! Your ability to navigate these challenges will determine so many things –  including your income, the speed at which your business grows, and your overall level of fulfillment (or frustration).

Women who rocket to the top of their companies have figured out how to handle the setbacks that come their way, and an inspiring example of this is Blue Diamond leader Sharon McDonald.

Listen to this inspiring interview and learn…

  • How Sharon rose to the top level of her company in one year while being a busy mom to FIVE kids (and dealing with a health crisis!)

  • The specific things that helped her create results quickly – while balancing family time and other priorities

  • The powerful “MINDSET” that has helped her not only survive – but THRIVE – through several life and business setbacks

  • How to discover some limiting beliefs that are likely holding YOU back – and how a shift in your perspective will help you turn your current setbacks into new opportunities and results.

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