Thyroid Support with Essential Oils [Golden Drop]

Did you know that Cilatro is considered one of the world’s most powerful “superherbs”.  The herb is naturally full of vitamins rich to the blood and extracts (theessential oil) can act as a natural preservative to prepackaged foods, as seen in an amazing research paper from the University of California, Berkeley.  The Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry published a paper in 2004* indicating the inhibition of many different varieties of bacterial infections using cilantro extracts. A major constituent of cilantro, referred to in the study as “dodecanal,” was found to be twice as effective at killing Salmonellacompared to a common antibiotic drug known as gentamicin. The study’s lead author, Isao Kubo, as well as his colleagues, were shocked to discover how effective cilantro can be at keeping certain health conditions at bay.

This same effect is what makes cilantro fabulous for detoxing heavy metals and regulating blood sugars. It does this by aiding the body in its natural elimination by binding to and eliminating them from both the digestive tract and any other tissues where they may have accumulated.  This process is known as “chelation” (key-lay-shun).

In this golden drop, you will learn about the three essential oil’s I’m using currently to help maintain an already healthy blood sugar, support my liver, and work with the endocrine system for better thyroid function.

A little bonus for you today is this awesome detox smoothie! I hope you enjoy.

Dreamy Detox Smoothie:
1 cup organic full fat- non sweetened coconut milk
1 cup raw organic spinach leaves
1/2 organic banana, frozen
4-5 organic strawberries, frozen
1 scoop doTERRA Vanilla Trimshake
1 drop cilantro essential oil
1-2 drops cinnamon bark essential oil (for metabolism & immune support)
Optional: Add 2 squares Lily’s Chocolate bar or 2-3 TBSP of their dark chocolate chips
*Lilys is sweetened with Alcohol sugar-erythritol. Excellent products and worth EVERY penny.
Blend till smooth, stick a straw in it, and make it a great day!
My love+light

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