The Power Of Aromatic Smells, Can Help With Intentions!

February, the month of focus, are we feeling like it's January still?

85% of people have already walked away from their New Years resolutions. So, this is the month to solidify your connection to change.  Mindsets really do matter, when we set our 'Intentions' into motion, and ignite our determined sense of commitment; to carry out the plan, then our vision of the 'goal' becomes that much clearer. 

Write your intentions down on paper, see how they can fit into your daily schedule and when you see the flow in front of you, the tasks become more engaging and simplified. 

When we surround ourselves with the right tools and place ourselves in the right environment we become even more empowered and ready to take on the day, the month and if you've planned even further maybe even the whole year. Now, that would be an awesome feeling. 

My friends, the soul power of essential oils can provide you with SOULutions are you ready?

This Intention blend is divine, you can add it to a roller bottle for added benefits or diffuse it.   Fine tune your intentions using a diffuser blend of marjoram, ylang ylang, lavender, cypress & bergamont #intentions #positivemindset

The diffuser you see on the very top of this blog post is called doTERRA's Petal Diffuser. It can cover up to 330 square feet and has an auto-shut-off timer with three-time options ranging from 1-2 or 4 hours it also has a nightlight that can be turned on or off and it only needs water and oils. 
Diffuser oils used for the energy of Intentions are as follows:


Cypress and Marjoram together are not pretty essential oils, but they have emotional magic. An aromatic description for both oils would be a warming, woody smell. For Cypress, it assists with clear breathing & soothes tight tense muscles. Marjoram is valued for its calming properties and positive effects on the nervous system. 

Want more details?  Share with me your go-to focus strategy when your brain says "no!"  You have 'written your plans in the sand and goals in concrete'.

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