Surround Yourself With Positive Thinkers!

We are two weeks into a cleanse that I am hosting with a few hundred souls. And our theme is about release which in turn gains confidence. With confidence, comes more greatness, and who would not like their homes to have greatness within them?

As with any change, there are those that do not support your new mojo, nor are they excited about your success. There are many who will "boo" you from the crowd, but secretly wish they were you.

Long ago, I learned that surrounding yourself with goodness outweighs the effects of aiming to please or gain approval from anyone. 

I have a secret tool for this, would you like to have a profound connection with confidence in yourself and with a deeper release, from all that no longer serves you? It is a metabolic blend of essential oils called Slim and Sassy. Sounds like it speaks for itself, doesn't it, sometimes you need a little sass in your life and a bit of fire to get those engines running. 

Our Emotional Essential Oil, helps confidence, getting over the hump, feeling stuck, shyness, body image issues, self-love.

Oil Details

Safety: may increase skin photosensitivity, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for up to 12 hours after topical exposure, consult a doctor before using if pregnant or have a medical condition.

What is your secret sauce for getting beyond your naysayers?

May your life be filled with goodness my luvs!



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