Improve Your Motivation + Drive With This Simple Trick

Do you feel imposter syndrome? How about comparing yourself to others? Or lose inspiration in things you usually love?

You are missing your passion, my friend!

It happens to me, comparison sneaks in, next comes judgment, and it ends up shutting me down, sucking the life out of me and replacing it with shame. It's a vicious cycle and often I'm falling into it without even knowing.

But you know me, there's an essential oil for that! ;)

Bringing passion to your work is a choice, but it often doesn't feel like it.

Sorting through our stuff takes time, it takes work. But you can look for your internal passion - it exists! We simply need to show up for ourselves, working from the inside out and facing our problems head first.

But we don't need to go it alone.

Revive Your Personal Passion

Bring back the vigor and excitement with doTERRA's Passion Inspiring Blend. A combination of spice and herb essential oils (cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, ginger rhizome, clove bud, sandalwood wood, jasmine flower, vanilla bean, and damiana leaf) doTERRA's Passion helps to inspire creativity and reignite your passion for life, especially when it seems to be waning.

Passion essential oil helps me to feel joy and wonder in the world around me, helping me refocus on what I bring the world and not what I feel like I'm lacking.

Use Passion to Ignite Your Inner Fire

I like to use Passion essential oil in a few different ways. When I'm on the go, I'll keep the rollerball handy, placing some on pulse points throughout the day to keep my energy and focus strong.

If I'm at home, I help counteract negative feelings and boredom by diffusing 5 drops of it in my favorite diffuser. I like to start diffusing in the morning to build vigor into my day

Put Passion to work and choose to shut the voices off, get to work - roll out this oil will figure out your problems. I promise!

What you are passionate about?
I am passionate about disrupting darkness in the world with bright healing light! I do this by empowering others to trust themselves in ambitious, bold ways!


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