Manage Your Hormones With Essential Oils

Clary Calm and clary sage essential oils are helpful for both men and women for balancing out your energy systems, particularly in aiding your hormones.

The Environmental Threat To Our Hormones

Xenoestrogens are environmental threats that affect your hormone levels. They are man-made chemicals that mimic estrogen and can come from heated plastics, chemicals in our water, and so much more.

Fight Xenoestrogens With ClaryCalm

Hormone levels can change more than desirable, whether they are too high or too low.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can roll on CalryCalm from hip to hip and then around the ankle bone every morning and every night to balance mood.

Fight Menstrual Cramps With ClaryCalm

Need soothing relief during your menstrual cycle? Apply ClaryCalm from hip to hip, layer a drop of AromaTouch on top, then a drop of copaiba, and lastly, massage Deep Blue Rub across the same area.

Whether you need relief on your belly or your back, you can apply this layer!

How To Support Women In Labor

Clary sage, part of the ClaryCalm blend, can do a lot on its own as well. For example, during labor you can rub some clary sage on the pinky toe of a pregnant momma, as well as rubbing it across her belly, to help calm and reduce stress.

On an emotional level, clary sage can support someone looking to change his or her perception. Whether you diffuse clary sage or place it on the brow of your head or the nape of your neck, it will help bring clarity to your mind.

Are you struggling with your hormones? Try out these tricks and let me know how they help!


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