What To Do When An Opportunity Passes You By

Don’t you hate it when you miss an opportunity? I am talking about the opportunity that would have changed the trajectory of your existence.

I am not sure about you, but I have learned my mind must be open to receive the intuitive calls that come or I'm not even open to an opportunity that could change my life.

I have come to find when I am quiet, I hear. The business of life can make being quiet, difficult.

However, when I humble myself, when I sit in peace, and when I am grateful - I never miss an opportunity.

A closed mind is expensive, a closed mind is not open to others, or anything new.

Let Go Of Fear

Easy for me to say, right? You have to be willing, committed, and all in. There is a lovely quote from Margaret Hasting in the book Lost in Shangri-La, where she says, "Fear is something I don't think you experience unless you have a choice. if you have a choice, you are liable to be afraid. But without a choice, what is there to be afraid of? You just go along doing what has to be done."

Don't allow yourself to sit in fear, don't even make it an available option. By doing this you open your life to divine design, taking what comes towards you as the option you have to work with instead of questioning and fearing the choices you have at hand.

Sit Quietly

Letting go of fear and accepting what life throws at you is not easy, and it can seem like I'm saying don't make decisions in your life. What I'm truly saying, is don't let fear make decisions in your life.

There are two activities I do every morning to open myself up to opportunity and push fear aside.

The first is writing down what I'm grateful for which shifts my mindset from "what am I missing" to "look at the abundance of my life." Since I have done this, I have noticed a huge shift in my outlook.

Second, I meditate while diffusing inspiration inducing essential oils. I give myself the opportunity to reflect on what I'm grateful for and to open myself up to new opportunities my fear may be holding me back from.

When I practice these two acts of self-care and love I am open to receive what has actually been mine all along, and I know you can, too.

I have seen it over and over again as I coach people in their business and personal lives. It has been a blessing to see people come out of their fear and into their opportunities. I’m not perfect, but I am open, and I know you can be, as well.

Now.... click your heals, Dorothy

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