Overcome Obstacles With This Motivational Mantra

You know how you sometimes feel when you introduce something foreign into your life and everything seems to unravel?

Something as simple as cold weather - “No, it's cold out... I do not want to move this morning.” or "It's so hot, I can't function in this!:

You come up with any excuse as to why you can not do “it.”

“Ahhh, she is sick, I will cuddle all day and not do the things that truly need to get done”. Besides, you justify, “I would love a day off to lay around.”

It is only natural for us to gravitate towards resistance. Have you considered stopping to check in? Are those fears valid? Are your excuses valid? Do you find yourself justifying your actions or the actions of others?

The wise person inside of you knows what another person needs... Have you stopped ask how she or he feels?

Does that sound scary to you to ask yourself that question? If it does, you need to ask it. Your intuition is wildly alive and begging you to hear it.

Stop And Discover Yourself.

As a Lifestyle and Business Strategist, I have the honor of acting as a guide.

This day, week, or month, repeat to yourself 

"I know what I need to do every day and I will do it."
Explore and discover what feels best for your body, what practice brings balance to your life, what habits serve you fully.

Allow yourself to tune in to your life's journey, your soul's purpose, your divine design. Know what you need to accomplish. It may not be the dirty dishes in the sink, instead, it may be a quiet moment to enjoy the sunshine or a night alone with your significant other.

Take a moment and ask yourself what you need then repeat

"I know what I need to do every day and I will do it."


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