5 All Natural, Essential Oil Beauty DIYs

One of the biggest misconceptions about using pure essential oils is how flexible they are. Essential oils don’t have one singular use, they can be used in a variety of ways from purifying your home to nourishing your skin and hair. 
Every aspect of our lives can benefit from essential oils because essential oils themselves are flexible. 

Essential Oils Complement Your Beauty Routine 

When I was 18, I took a job with Loreal in their makeup department.  I learned a lot about skin, the importance of taking care of your skin, and why we age.
They used a lot of natural items as a basis, but like many beauty companies, they took something natural, then synthetically re-produced it.
This is why I love pure essential oils – the chemistry! The ability essential oils have to communicate in the body is 100% natural.  
Essential oils are made up of the same components of the body and are designed to communicate with our cells, our body systems, our organs... 
Everything co-collaborates to make the whole body work.
Synthetic properties, can confuse the process in your body. This is why we see things like disrupted endocrine abilities, autoimmune issues, and your body begins to break down.
When it comes to skincare and makeup, essential oils play an essential role in my daily routine to repair and restore my skin from the day-to-day environmental bombardment of living.  Things like sun damage, weather, environmental pollution, and even daily stress and lack of sleep.
It’s easy to use essential oils for your hair, face, and body - I’ve got 5 all-natural, essential oil beauty DIYs ready for you, follow along below:

Michele Wininger is a beautiful healer from the mountains of Arizona. Essential oils have come easy to her because she has studied herbs and made the connection to body systems.  
Michele turned to herbs, then essential oils, to support her body when everything else failed her. When she found doTERRA, her life was changed forever because of the purity of doTERRA's essential oils, she was able to reverse years of damage and gain back processes her mind and body had forgotten.

Essential Oil Safety

Delicate skin is just that, delicate.  Because it's sensitive and fragile, you need to be careful with what you use and how often you use it.
When utilizing essential oils in delicate places, like your face or chest, you will want to make sure to dilute with an oil like fractionated coconut oil, castor oil, or argan oil. Essential oils love oil, they are fat soluble which helps them absorb into your skin and support your body, but also means that to dilute them you need to mix them with a fat.
Since pure essential oils are so strong, dilution isn’t just helpful for making essential oils less caustic, but it also extends the life of your product. Allowing the impact of these serums to benefit you throughout the day.
Two essential oils that do well with delicate skin are Yarrow | POM and Frankincense.  These are great for deep repair aand long-term support

Favorite Essential Oils For Beauty

 As you’ve seen, incorporating essential oils into your beauty regimen can be easy with these DIYs, but this isn’t the only way!
Download all of these recipes to make in your home by filling out the form below. You’ll also find my top essential oils for beauty (and why) included exclusively in that eBook!
If you have any questions about your own beauty routine drop it in the comments and I’ll reply right away.

5 All Natural, Essential Oil Beauty DIYs

The recipes you need to take your essential oils further and begin utilizing clean beauty!

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