All-Natural Snoring Support To Help You Get Some Sleep!

If you have a partner who snores, you know what a pain it is to sleep next to the person you love so much...while simultaneously wanting to kick them out of bed so you can get some peace and quiet! End the dilemma of "Do I wake them up or be punished with this racket?" with a tip I personally use in bed!

A Simple Solution To A Complicated Problem

There are a lot of things that can cause snoring. I'm not going to say I have the cure to snoring because when there are so many causes, there are often many different solutions.

But I do have one that seems to help promote quieter sleep!

Essential Oils For Peaceful Rest

I have found that thyme essential oil is the number one choice for our partners. If thyme is not effective for you, you can also try marjoram or eucalyptus. Apply a drop of your chosen oil, undiluted, on the big toe just before sleep and layer with a drop of undiluted vetiver to enhance the effect.

Why Apply To Your Big Toe?

While a lot of people simply don't like feet, our feet provide an abundance of support for us...and not just when we stand, walk, or perform anything using our legs!

First, our largest pores are on the bottoms of our feet. Second, the reflex points on our feet address our major organs and body systems.
The power of our feet is a major piece of reflexology, a system that focuses on the foot, hand, and ear massages to affect various parts of a bodies vital organs and function. But even if you don't believe there's any validity in reflexology...

Each foot has 7,200 nerve endings. These nerve endings are connected to the rest of our body using a sort of highway system. This is why if we have a pinched nerve in our shoulder, we'll feel it all the way down our arm and into our head - with essential oils, we make a positive impact on this nerve highway system.

When applying essential oils onto your feet, including the big toe, we are driving the supporting benefits of essential oils on that nerve highway, but we're doing it at a slightly slower rate.

Why? Because your feet also have a thicker layer of skin. This layer lowers the risk of skin irritation and prolongs the delivery of essential oils (which is especially beneficial when helping aid something like snoring that occurs over hours).

All in all, applying essential oils to your feet helps you absorb essential oils slower, but deliver them to your system faster, allowing you to more efficiently use them.

Let me know which essential oil (thyme, marjoram, or eucalyptus) helps you sleep more peacefully!


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