3 C's For doTERRA Business Success

For the past several months, I decided to put a new intention into my business. We settled in Vermont, we got the crazies of moving out and I felt like I had plateaued. With a renewed passion, I knew I needed some outside help to guide my effort that my passion was driving.

I was connected with the amazing Camden Hoch, who has helped me start turning all the thoughts running through my head into action items and direction!

Camden is a business coach who flushes ideas out of me, bringing systems, projects, and retreats. She's helped me start simplifying my business strategy (simplicity being a hallmark of my business when I first started) and is the mentor to guide me in the right direction.

Seriously, without her, I don't know where I would be!

Through our months of discussions, three things have stood out and been repeated. I call these the 3 C's of business success:

  • Connection
  • Core Values
  • Clarity
I want to dig into each of these areas and how you can build your business around them. I won't give away all of Camden's information because she is so valuable, but here are the high points!


Everyone connects in different ways, but do you know the best way you connect and communicate?

Think about one area in your life where you really grew. Maybe it was a sport, a language, your relationship, your faith - it can be anything. How did you grow in that area? What triggered that growth?

Did you just suddenly know everything about it? Did someone guide your understanding? Did someone guide you or mentor you? Did you read information online or in a book? Did you watch someone do it and follow their lead?

How you grew it is how you can help others grow. Use your focus learning method to connect to other people. Do you love watching and learning? Create a video series, host in person events to teach and be a model!

The way that you learn and grow will be easiest for you to mimic. Don't just do something because everyone else is doing it, connect with people the best way you can.

Core Values

Look through these lists of words, write down 10 that you value and write down why. Why are they important to you? What do they influence in your life?

Adventure, awareness, fulfillment, balance, fun, calmness, forgiveness, clarity, giving, confidence, fun, control, God, creativity, devotion, compassion, gratitude, community, growth, confidence, hospitality, curiosity, harmony, discipline, humor, friends, independence, freedom, integrity, kindness, self-reliance, knowledge, service, love, spirituality, lifestyle, sincerity, loyalty, strength, marriage, serenity, mindfulness, success, peace, truth, power, unity, progress.

These are your core values. These words impact your life and stand out to you time and time again. Don't let the idea of more money or fame push your core values aside, that's where you passion for work dwindles.


Lastly, decide what success means to you and get clear about it! Success may mean making more money, but how much? Success may be happier, but what does that look like?

If you do not know what success looks like for you, how do you know you've reached it? Without that clarity, you're chasing after a fantasy with your business.

Camden recommends starting with your top 3 business goals for this year (and getting clear about them!). Do you want to advance in your business? Do you want to make a certain amount of money? Do you want to spend more time with your family?

Dig into those goals even further - how will achieving them make a difference to you?

Success revolves around a feeling of achievement, what does that achievement represent to you?

These are not the only lessons I have learned from Camden, but it became very clear to me that these three C's are incredibly important.

Without these three things, you cannot have continued success in your doTERRA business (or any business), simple as that.

Are you struggling to frame your three C's? Comment below or check out working with Camden directly!

Keep growing!

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