Chinese New Year, New Moon & 9 Essential Oils2Go!

Welcoming, the energies of the moon, the Universe and the Chinese New Year.                 This 2018 Solar Eclipse may be filled with surprise, using essential oils can help you along your way.
New Year, new birth and both can be messy for sure; life simply takes time and never seems to go as expected, that's just the way it is.  Loads of change can demand patience, yet patients can lead to surprise.  

Take a deep breath in, hold it and wait…It’s coming.

Today's affirmation:  

"The moon to me is like the quiet breath on an inhale.
The universe transforms every second.
The new year is full of wonder and surprise.
A solar eclipse is a pause in time."

Between Thursday, February 15 and Friday, February 16th, much of 2018 is going to reflect on our goals, and where we are headed, so take a breath in and let’s see what may come with the exhale.

Last night, we ushered in a new moon.  Aquarius is calling the universe into change, while the Chinese hail their New Year.  If we pause with the new moon in its quiet moment of eclipse, we can get a glimpse of clarity as the heavens breathe in and out like the waves of the ocean.  Aquarius is symbolized as the “Water Bearer” eternally giving life and spiritual food to the world. 

Concerned with equality and individual freedom, seeking to dispense its knowledge, and its vision of equality and individuality, to all.  Come with me and I will draw an analogy as I share with you my story.

I had been diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago.  The day after my diagnosis, I was put in the hospital with a blood clot in each lung.  I could not breathe and was left with the feeling that my life had been taken away on so many levels.  I knew I would make it through and that the future was not certain.  As a mother, I gave life and spiritual goodness to anyone who walked with me on my path.  As a businesswoman, I fed others with knowledge and began leading others to individual freedom.  Freedom physically, mentally, spiritually and many times financially through the use of essential oils in their home, practice and everyday life.   

The vision I had was strong and kept me moving day after day toward our goals, yet in this moment, with a pause in my breath, I knew I needed something that would give me the clarity to know how to work with this diagnosis and not allow it to define me.  This is when I found yoga.  

Wait inside the inhale, the exhale is coming. #namaste #qoute

To be honest, when I first started, I did not feel connected to the practice in any way, shape or form.  I felt like a whale for 6-months as I learned this new 'physical & spiritual' practice of 'quiet flow' which was in-need-of being deeply balanced.  

A balanced life was not what I was living.  I gave and gave, never asking for anything back in return.  I needed to breathe, I needed to let out all of this energy that had built up over the years, and this is where I learned to exhale.  

Finding the strength of the earth, beneath my feet I learned to ask,  “how would it feel to….” this is where I drew my energy from.  This is where ideas were formed.  This was the creative power that moved me and I began to shift.  I learned to lean in and listen intuitively. The breath that was being given to me was breathing life into my ideas.  

I love my life.  I love all the hard parts, the unknown parts and the unplanned parts that made me cry or worry.  It is the energy in my breath that changed me on the exhale. 

That hot breath moving out gave me the power to go deeper into each soul stretch, inviting me deeper into my daily practice.   With each stretch, the muscle lengthens, the reach would go further than I thought my body could go in such a quiet, calm manner. 

For years I pounded the pavement with high intensity and manipulation, forcing my body and breath to do what the world told me I had to do to get the results. Yet with yoga and other soft modalities, I have learned that the element of surprise comes from allowing the forces around us to collide. This causes change and requires patience.         I have been surprised at the strength I had within me and grateful for the breath that got me where I stand today.

Clarity has been slow in coming as I have allowed my body to bend, shift, and breathe life into a new journey.  I have found power in this and I no longer needed a definition to all of my plans but learned 'through' a lot of trial and error to just allow life to flow, this is my exhale.  All of the things I have stored up, deep inside my soul were ignited by the power of my breath and the universe was granting me the opportunity to change.   Interestingly, this year '2018-Chinese Zodiac' also known as 'Sheng Xiao' is my Year of the Dog.

To help you on your way this Chinese New Year,  I have selected some essential oils to be your guide.  These plant spirits can help you access your change, by allowing your subconscious to move past your “thinking brain” and go to “spirit”.  It is through the spirit of change that we can access the deepest part of our creativity.  

Chi is energy; it is the concept of a life force. In India, it is called prana the universal life force energy present within every living thing it has a natural rhythmic ebb and flow.

This is the breath of life---our Chi (Qi).  The vital force forming part of any living thing. Chi translates as "air" and figuratively as "material energy", "life force", or "energy flow" I love essential oils for their magical powers that unlock the energy within us and moves us to change.  

See which essential oils you can use today as you gather your breath for the lunar eclipse that marks the Chinese New Year…It may be surprising to you what you can discover.

The Essential Oils are as follows:

Arborvitae; Easy Creation
Birch; Align
Geranium; Grace
Hawaiian Sandalwood; Renewing Flow
Lavender; Trust & Allow
Lemongrass; Open To Receive
Peppermint; Control
The Invigorating Blend “
Citrus Bliss”; Fearless Understanding
The Women’s Monthly Blend “
Clary Calm”; Magic of Perfect Balance
The fact that the new moon came before this Chinese New Year feels inviting somehow. The kind of invitation that asks you to take a big breath in and hold it.  Though the energy of a new moon can be erratic, it can be spectacularly filled with surprise.  

When the new moon has a solar eclipse, it is pausing to let us bask in the energetic change of clarity.  Change and patience, two things we as humans do not really care for but it happens when you plan to create the life you want.

Namaste my friends and Happy Chinese New Year.  

May you pause on the inside and inhale, the exhale is coming …


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