Beating The Winter Blues

I love fresh snow ️and I adore winter but a lot of people have the dark of winter settle in and that's where their mood sits too - gloomy!

Is that you? If not, then maybe you just feel sucky at the moment? Cannot keep your stuff together (who really can?!?)? Maybe you are just angry or super sad?

I have some tips that I offer my clients that may help you pick it up a bit. They've helped my clients and I bet they can help you!

I know I wish I had had a guide who could have offered me such tips in my dark hours.

No need to suffer in silence, I promise.

My top 5 tips from my mood lab are right here:
1. Make sure you're drinking water! Add the flavor of lemon, grapefruit or orange essential oils to boost your belly function + your mind, 1-2 drops in a glass or stainless steal container works best
2. Catch some Zzzzs. Getting to sleep when you're down may sound like it should be easy, but it's not always! My favorites for this are vetiver + a blend from dōTERRA called “Serenity.” It is a calming blend for sure!
3. Clear your mind by focusing your body with yoga. It helps set your thoughts straight.
4. Incorporate more essential oils into your day-to-day activities. Some people turn to their cup of coffee or Xanax; I turn to my all-natural uplifters! Essential oils like Bergamot for calming anxious feelings and helping me sleep, an uplifting blend like dōTERRA’s “Cheer” to bring the sunlight into my day, or an encouraging blend from dōTERRA called “Motivate”. It's beautiful to get you moving with its kick of peppermint and citrus love.
To use any of these oils I apply by simply adding a drop to the back of my neck or feet, or diffusing 10-drops in my essential oil diffuser for some good vibes.
5. Keep nutrition clean. Cutting sugars, increasing vegetables and going lighter on meats is certainly going to lighten your load. But also just looking at keeping things all natural versus full of preservatives. A fresh, homemade meal can bring a smile to my face.

You don't need to begin all of these 5 things at once, but just try incorporating one of them into your life at a time and let me know how you feel or the challenges you face in the comments below!


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