Top 3 Essential Oils For Beach Feet Ready!

I talk a lot about applying essential oils to the bottom of my feet, but I don't often talk about essential oils specifically for your feet!

With summer coming up quickly, sandals are being pulled out, people are walking around barefoot, and you might be a little embarrassed about what was brewing in your cozy socks and shoes all winter.

Don't despair! Here are my three favorite essential oils to aid in supporting your feet to fight off foot fungus, calm cuticles, and just generally support a part of our body we walk all over!

In the summertime, you may travel and not get to take your whole oily collection with you, so you can take one of these oils and not only be able to use it on your feet but in many different aspects. Not only will these essential oils be a home health aid, but a travel health aid!


This is a beautiful oil to apply every morning and every night to your nail bed to help your body clean up any foot fungus you might have developed (no shame! It happens to all of us sometimes).

Purify is a doTERRA blend specifically created with essential oils known for their cleansing, purifying, and protecting properties. Not only can you use this on your skin that may need a little help cleaning up, but when cleaning countertops, sticky cars from travel, and you can even diffuse it to help clear the air of stinky smells.

Rose Touch

Rose is a kind of jack-of-all-trades essential oil, especially when it's already diluted with fractionated coconut oil and put in the convenient rollerball!

Rose essential oil can help lift your mood, especially when you diffuse it on the go, it can be used to aid a healthy complexion in your skincare routine, which extends all the way down to your feet!

Apply rose touch either directly onto clean feet or onto clean hands and rub into your toes, heels, ankles, and bottom of your feet to support overall foot health (and make them smell like roses!).


This is a must when I travel anywhere - I even keep it in my purse for around town! Correct-X is an ointment made up of a blend of some killer essential oils: frankincense, helichrysum, melaleuca, cedarwood, and lavender. Not only does this ointment help soothe skin, but it also helps to keep it clean, and moisturize while your body heals.

Add a little to your toes and be soothe your skin to push cuticles back. Put some on rough areas or calluses on your feet to moisturize and soften that skin.

My own routine in the summer months is to rub rose essential oil on my feet, taking a moment of self-care, and then on problem areas, adding a tiny dab of Correct-X to soothe and soften. One more bonus thing I do is start off the whole process by using dōTERRA's Exfoliating Body Scrub which cleans up my feet and removes any of that dead skin so my feet are prepped to get the most out of every drop of essential oils!

Add even just one of these three essential oils to your travel kit, beach bag, or daily routine and start noticing a difference in your cute little feet!


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