10 Things You Don't Know About Sharon McDonald

For those that know me already, thank you, for being here with me on my Social Media, Journey! For those new to my world, I am a Hippie Mama, an Author and a Yogini in training. I love to help and guide women & men with soulutions to healing. I am a proud leader and supporter of 34.5k oil warriors across the world in 47 countries. 

Finding ways to communicate and share a little bit about ourselves opens the door to others, which may lead them to feel open to share as well. In turn, this gives the whomever is on the other side of the screen the opportunity to know, like and eventually trust. It also helps others to see that they are not alone and, often times, will find humor in connecting and relating to the content shared. This can end up being helpful in more than one way. 

With 2017 ending, I thought I would share 10 things about me that you may not know! 

  1. You will come to find that I am truly part unicorn. 🌈 All joking aside, I am very intuitive and psychic (not in the medium sort of way, in the gut feeling sort of way) I have been my entire life. #truthtalk
  2. I am a sucker for retro stuff.
  3. Scary movies scare me. I do not watch them ever.
  4. I have been gifted with a healers touch. I do not heal others, but I can guide you to healing. Your body and soul knows what it needs. I simply help you learn to listen and how to respond.
  5. I love making up voices and speaking in them.
  6. I love to dance and have since I was little.
  7. Yoga saved my life.
  8. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
  9. I only like dark chocolate 1x a month. I have never fancied milk chocolate.
  10. I can sing opera. 

I'd love to hear about you in the comments below! 


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